Машина за опаковане на хранителни продукти - FS 6000

Машина за опаковане на хранителни продукти - FS 6000

The FILL SEAL 6000 TRONIC is a filling/sealing machine with an 8-station rotary table. It is completely automatic and conceived to package a wide range of liquid and doughy products (such as yogurt, sauces, jams, etc…) 
In spite of its compactness, this machine can package 2 cups per cycle thus satisfying both medium and high production requirements (up to 6000 pieces per hour).
The machine can run containers made of several materials such as PP, PET, APET, aluminium, couplet cardboard. 
Strongly versatile, the FS 6000 is available in two versions: the STANDARD version that seals pre-cut lids and the FILM version that seals and cuts film coming from a reel. 

The cutting edge technology of this model puts it at the top range of our products. 
- The totally mechanical main motions grant a quick and precise working cycle and reduce the maintenance operations a lot. 
- The exclusive TRONIC filling system assures high precision in filling thanks to the electronic control of the two volumetric fillers. 
- A Mitsubishi PLC together with a friendly use control panel allows setting all mechanical functions of the machine. 
- The noble materials (stainless steel and anodized aluminum) the machine is constructed of, together with IP 65 protection class, CIP facilities (option), industrial design make the sanitization operations simple and grant the max. hygiene of the machine.

This model can become customized with the available several options such as high capacity storage, CIP filling system, additional filling systems, sanitization systems (laminar flow cap and UV lamps), snap-on-lid device, etc….

Производител / Вносител Ilpra

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