Машина за опаковане на хранителни продукти - FS 2000

Машина за опаковане на хранителни продукти - FS 2000

The ILPRA Fill Seal 2000 is a filling/sealing machine with rotary table, specifically conceived to meet the market request for an automatic machine able to fill and package liquid and doughy products, at a reasonable price that even the manufacturer that has to start with a limited production can afford.

For this reason the applied solutions take into consideration the cheapness of the machine without ignoring ILPRA traditional quality and reliabilty.

It is a particularly suitable for a small productions and entirely made of stainless steel and anodized aluminium. All the main drive is mechanical, thus granting an high precision in working and a remarkable easiness of use and maintenance.

This model is able to carry out up to 1500 cycles per hour, by packaging yogurt in 125 cc. containers. Obviously the output can change according to the characteristics of the products and the required filling capacity.

The FS 2000 model is available in 2 version: the standard one can work with pre-cut lids; the Film version works with film coming from a reel. In the latter case the machine can be equipped with a printed top web system to correctly place the printed film on the tray.

Производител / Вносител Ilpra

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