• Wider cuts : 160mm (6" 1/3)
• Higher cuts : 110mm (4» 1/3)
•Available in 400V (± 5%) triple phase or 230V (± 5%) triple or single phase
• Horizontal cutting stroke
Improves quality of cutting even on very delicate mouldings.
• 4 pneumatic clamps
2 horizontal & 2 vertical built-in adjustable clamps. Firmly secure difficult mouldings in order
to avoid them from moving or rocking during the cutting operation.
• Automatic cutting stroke
Two-button operation for a safe and automatic forward & return moving of the blades.
• 45° measuring scale
Allows a direct, speed and accurate measuring
• No wastage
Because the blades cut alternately, the waste is effectively nil, which will save a lot of
meters of mouldings, and hence money, over the life of the saw.
• Internal cutting support block
This supports the offcut and prevents chipping on the back edge of the chop.
• 1.5m support arms
Robust feed-in support arm, and feed-out measuring arm.
• No blocked chutes
Because offcuts fall directly into the open waste bin below the cut, there is no need for
wastage chutes, which could be easily blocked by large offcuts.
•Ducted extraction at blades
This dramatically reduces dust by extracting it at the source : the blades.
•Synchronized «switching-on» of dust extractor
The dust extractor is pre-wired to the saw, so that both machines run and stop simultaneously.
This reduces power consumption and excessive noise

Производител / Вносител CASSESE Sarl

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