Пистолети за скоби и игли

LS1 LS1Арт. №: 06030062

The LS pinners drive 6 popular lengths of 18 gauge headless, slight and medium headed pins.

FinishPro10 FinishPro10Арт. №: 06030061

This 23 Ga. Micro Pinner is the perfect tool for your intricate finish and trim projects.

FinishPro15 FinishPro15

This lightweight, power-packed nailer is loaded with all the features you need, plus a few more.

FinishPro18MG FinishPro18MGАрт. №: 06030042

FinishPro32 FinishPro32Арт. №: 06030044

FinishPro®32 provides the versatility a professional contractor demands with redesigned piston and driver for improved performance and durability.

SLS18MG SLS18MGАрт. №: 06030004

The SLS18Mg's magnesium body delivers an ultra-light tool. Selectable trigger lets you choose between high productivity or precision placement.

SLS25XP SLS25XPАрт. №: 06030006

The SLS25XP has the power to drive 1 1/2" staples into hard woods.

SLP20XP SLP20XPАрт. №: 06030086

The SLP20XP design ensures unmatched ease of use as well as superior precision and driving power, which makes this tool perfect for fastening a variety of material types and thicknesses.

SFN30 SFN30Арт. №: 06030033

Perfect for construction, furniture, cabinets and picture frames, the SFN30 is one of the lightest 15 gauge tools around.

SNS45XP SNS45XPАрт. №: 06030010

The SNS50XP has all the power and speed needed for the toughest 16 gauge staple applications.

SQS55XP SQS55XPАрт. №: 06030012

15 Ga. 7/16" Crown, 2 1/2" Heavy Wire Stapler