CS4008XL & UNI

CS4008XL & UNI
CS4008XL The 21st century Cassese Underpinner Impressive Speed, 1st class components Concrete base, Aluminium cast parts... and still the Cassese Perfect Joining Quality! 
Can operate either in CS486 or CS3099 mode 
New Removable Clamp with Powerful Double-action « push and tighten » system (patented) Quick-change magnetic top clamps.
CS4008 UNI The CS4008 UNI is the new version of the Best-Seller CS 4008XL, but using "UNI" wedges. Fast performance and heavy duty design for high production, programmable memory with colour touch-screen interface for ease of use, and of course, Cassese quality corners!
OPTION BARCODS EDITOR is a software that has been developed to manage a simple moulding cutting and assembly database and to print the corresponding barcode or execute assembly on the machine.

Производител / Вносител CASSESE Sarl

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