DS300-AC DS300-AC

Мощният модел SENCO DS300-AC е проектиран за високоскоростни и обемни винтови приложения

DS205-14v DS205-14vАрт. №: 06030082

DS202-14V DS202-14VАрт. №: 06030083

Модел, проектиран за голям брой приложения за монтиране.

DS200-AC DS200-ACАрт. №: 06030082

DS200-AC drives 1" - 2" screws and is designed with a reverse switch to back out driven screws. The powerful, versatile DS200-AC screwdriver makes easy work of tough jobs and is designed for a wide variety of screw fastening applications. Increase your productivity by eliminating the need for handling loose screws.