Foot-operated sealing machine - ME 300-800 FI

Foot-operated sealing machine - ME 300-800 FI

Serie ME 300-800 FI - foot-operated, automatic impulse sealing machine for sealing bags with following characteristics:

  • Maximum width of sealing: 450 mm;
  • Impulse sealing;
  • Sealing time: 1,0 - 8,0 sec;
  • Stand and pad for products;
  • Power: 600W, 220V;


Specifications of other modifications:

Model 300/305/3010FI 450/455/4510FI 600/605/6010FI 800/805FI
Max.Seal Length 300mm(12") 450mm(18") 600mm(24") 800mm(32")
Max.Seal Width 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm/10mm 2.5mm/5mm
Watts 450/900/1100W 600/1200/1500W 800/1500/1900W 1000/1800W


Manufacturer / Importer Mercier

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