Foot-operated sealing machine ME 200-600CFN

Foot-operated sealing machine ME 200-600CFN

ME 200-600CFN - foot-operated sealing machine for sealing bags 

These special foot sealers are excellent for sealing polycello films, humidity-proof cellophane film, polyethylene film, aluminum foil coated bags and gusset bags. "CFN" model equipped with Timing Light & Signal to notify operator that foot should be removed from pedal and sealing is complete. 

Hot stamp imprinter is optional. 


Machines specifications:

Moder 200CFN 300CFN 400CFN 600CFN
Max.Seal Length 200mm(8") 300mm(12") 400mm(16") 600mm(24")
Max. Seal Width 10/15mm 10/15mm 10/15mm 10/15mm
Watts 250W 350W 420W 540W


Manufacturer / Importer Mercier

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