MASTERPLAT stretch wrapping machines

MASTERPLAT stretch wrapping machines

Turntable for packaging with stretch film with PGS - manually interchangeable fixed gears powered pre-stretch. The New Eco range includes 4 different models all available in transpallet version, the distinguishing mark is the revolutionary control panel that allows a very simple and intuitive use of all the many available wrapping functions


MASTERPLAT PGS - Turntable for packaging with stretch film transpallet version
FRD: Film stretching with mechanical brake
PGS: Manually interchangeable fixed gears powered pre-stretch
Machine Characteristics
Plate diameter
1500 mm
1650 mm (Optional)
Max load weight  1200 kg
Max load height 2200 mm
 Turntable rotation speed  From 4 to 10 rpm
Variable spool carriage speed
From 1,4 to 4 Mt/min
Forklifting Rear
Power supply voltage
230 Volt 1 Ph - 50/60 Hz






Manufacturer / Importer Robopac S.A.

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