Horizontal semiautomatic wrapping machines - COMPACTA S

Horizontal semiautomatic wrapping machines - COMPACTA S
The Compacta series machines are built following high quality criteria and construction specifications that have been improved and refined through time. The high degree of satisfaction generated worldwide by the Compacta Automatic series makes these machines the top preference of final users, which entrust their products to horizontal wrapping technology using stretch film.
Thanks to a wide range of ring diameters this line of machines manufactured by Robopac covers completely a broad range of wrapping needs.
Compacta S is a machine that combines construction sturdiness with top-level automatic wrapping operations.
The versatility of use and the user friendliness of Compacta S, combines with high quality level that distinguishes them and places also these Robopac products at the top of their categories.

The control panel has been redesigned to incorporate a touch screen. The large color screen allows you to create programs quickly and easily. Upgraded memory can now record up to eight different programs.

The automatic highly reliable dual rod clamping and cutting system fully automates the wrapping process.

The roll carriage has a direct braking transmission roller and is continuously adjustable. It also simplifies roll loading and film insertion. The roll carriage is equipped with locking and quick release

The pneumatic drive presses with automatic settling ensure correct stabilisation of the product during strapping. The extension of the run can be adjusted manually to ease positioning of the presses on the products with different heights.

The wrapping program can be started in full safety thanks to the pedal start system. As soon as the outfeed pressure platen lowers, the operator can release the pedal to move and retrieve the next product to be wrapped. This system guarantees an automatic wrapping process where the operator must only position the product and start the cycle.


Machine S4 S6 S9 S9 S12 S12
Model 125 125 125 250 125 250
Installed power kW 0.9 1.1 1.1 1.1 2 2
Max rotation speed/ rpm  160 120 75 60 58 58
Air consumption/ NL 3.5 5 9.4 10.8 14.3 14.3
Film thickness/ micr 17-50 17-50 17-50 17-50 17-50 17-50


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