MF-52 vertical automatic bagging machine

MF-52 vertical automatic bagging machine

MF-52- The film pulling system and the closure of the sealing units have brushless motors, as already present in the other models, able to ensure maximum working accuracy and perfect synchronism of movements.
The main study concentrated on the possibility to develop this packaging machine in as many sectors possible, giving rise to series of accessories which, starting from a reel of heat-sealed or co-extruded flat sheet film, allow the realisation of more complex and different types of bag:
from the pillow bag to that with lateral gussets, nipped edges, four sealed edges, square bottom, double square bottom with double upper fold and bag top closable using "open-close" zipper, etc.
The top-quality electronics allow total control regarding the various sealing parameters (temperature, pressure and application time) and determination of package length.
The particular manufacture of the sealing bars, allows them to be disassembled quickly for maintenance interventions and replacement of worn parts.
The operator interface is assured by a large "touch-screen" panel (8”), with easy-to-interpret colour graphics.
The MF 52 can be coupled with various dosing machines, such as:

  • Volumetric cup dosing machines
  • Vertical screw feed dosing machines.
  • Linear weight dosing machines.
  • Multi-head weighing devices. 
  • Piece-counter dosing devices.


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