Food packacing machine - FP ROTOBASIC

Food packacing machine - FP ROTOBASIC

Semiautomatic tabeltop tray sealer - FP Rotobasic

It is a bench model having the same main features as the BASIC model , but equipped with a manual rotary table with 2 working stations that allows to carry out the loading/unloading operations of the trays , while in the second unit the sealing/cutting operations (and V/G) are being performed. Therefore the time needed for a complete working cycle is reduced notably. The moulds of this model are wholly compatible with the ones of the BASIC model.


Main characteristics of machine:

  • Maximum dimensions of trays: 270 x 240 mm.
  • Maximum productivity:  300 cycles per hour
  • Power supply: 2,5 Kw – 230 V – 50 Hz – 3PNE
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Dimensions of machine: 869 x 1064 x 574




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