Kaeser Serrie Classic

Kaeser Serrie  Classic

Flow rate 210-460 l/min;
Pressure 10 bar;
Power 1.5-2.2 kW

Using the most advanced manufacturing processes and combining more than 80 years of experience in compressed air engineering, KAESER’s skill and expertise guarantees that our products are with the highest quality standards.

Every KAESER piston compressor is using special high-grade lubricating fluid that eliminates the build up of oil-carbon deposits on the valves. In addition, the fluid enables the lubrication change interval to be doubled to nearly 1000 operating hours.

Kaeser‘s CLASSIC series compressors combine great quality with value at prices that are attractive even to small companies. The highly durable Kaeser compressor block forms the heart of each compressor, all of which are produced, assembled and tested at the main plant in Coburg, Germany.

Manufacturer / Importer Kaeser Kompressoren Gmbh

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