Strapping tool with steel strap - BO-51

Strapping tool with steel strap - BO-51

The strapping tool BO-51 is designed for work with steel strap without usage of steel seal. BO-51 is especially intended for strapping flat objects e.g. boxes, bricks, timber products, goods stacked on pallets, etc. . The tool is adjustable for straps of the width of 13-16 mm and the thickness of 0,4-0,63 mm.

FEATURES - technical parameters:

Sealing method sealless
Strap width 13 - 16 mm
Strap thickness 0,4 - 0,63 mm
Weight 4,25 kg
Tightening power 3000 N

Manufacturer / Importer Fiefer Kovovyroba, Spol. Sr.O.

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