Pneumatic preparatory groups

FB Pre-filter FB Pre-filterArt. №: 15025001

For removal of solid particles > 3µm and larger volumes of condensate.

FC Pre-filter FC Pre-filter

Pre-filter for removal of solid particles > 1μm and small volumes of condensate

FD Dust filter FD Dust filter

Dust filter for removal of solid particles > 1μm

FE Micro filter FE Micro filter

Micro filter for removal of fine solid particles > 0.1 µm, condensate droplets and oil aerosols.

FF Micro-filter FF Micro-filter

Micro-filter for removal of solid particles > 0.1 µm, the smallest of condensate droplets and oil aerosols

FFG micro-filter group FFG micro-filter groupArt. №: 15025003

The FFG micro-filter group comprises FF micro-filter and FG activated carbon filter

FST Sterile filter FST Sterile filter

Sterile filter for prevention of bacterial growth and corrosion

ZK Centrifugal separator ZK Centrifugal separator

Centrifugal separator