calculation_2.18.15.jpgNew perspectives on the costs of packaging in 2016

What is the cost per packaged unit? Most of responsible for packaging processes in production professionals don’t know the exact price they are paying for this processes. This price per unit is one of the key indicators that can provide informed choice of supplier of packaging technology and solutions.

Over the last few years experts in Mava Industrial realized a series of projects in which customers were consulted in selection of appropriate packaging consumables, engineering of whole chain of molding and packaging machines, installing, maintaining and service of machinery. All these efforts were based on one main goal – managing of better price of packaging per unit. That is why we proudly offer our complex packaging services in order to give best solution for this important part of the production process.

Mava Industrial is more than 16 years a leading company in the field of packaging solutions. The company delivers packaging machines, tools and consumables from leading European manufacturers.