• Wider cuts : 160mm (6" 1/3)
• Higher cuts : 110mm (4" 1/3)
• Available in 400V triple phase or 230V triple phase
• Horizontal cutting stroke
Improves quality of cutting even on very delicate mouldings.
• Foot-operated pneumatic clampings
2 built-in horizontal & adjustable clamps. Firmly secure difficult mouldings in order to
avoid them from moving or rocking during the cutting operation. They are foot operated
for a « hands-free » operation.
• Hand-operated cutting stroke
Very easy moving of the handles thanks to a special pneumatic device, with an automatic
• 45˚ measuring scale
Allows a direct, speed and accurate measuring
• No wastage
Because the blades cut alternately, the waste is effectively nil, which will save a lot of
meters of mouldings, and hence money, over the life of the saw.
• Internal cutting support block
This supports the offcut and prevents chipping on the back edge of the chop.
• 1.5m support arms
Robust feed-in support arm, and feed-out measuring arm.
• No blocked chutes
Because offcuts fall directly into the open waste bin below the cut, there is no need for
wastage chutes, which could be easily blocked by large offcuts.
• Ducted extraction at blades ( see doc)
This dramatically reduces dust by extracting it at the source : the blades.

Производител / Вносител CASSESE Sarl

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