• Patented spring-loaded rebate supports system
These patented new designed rebate supports automatically adjust themselves to
the required height, under the rebate of the moulding being cut. As a result, these
are quicker to set, and safer to use than regular screw systems.
• Direct measuring scale
The CS55M has a unique direct measuring scale, which is fast and accurate. Unlike
other measuring systems, there is no need to measure the width of the moulding
first. The measurement required is taken directly from the moulding in one step,
instead of three.
• Easy to read
The Cassese measuring scale is printed in 4 different colours, making it easier to
follow and use.
• Double width foot pedal
to make it easy for either left-footed or right-footed operators.
• Tool-less, front blade height adjustment
Changing the height of the blades between mouldings is safe and easy, with an
ergonomic handle.
• Quiet operation
Being foot operated, the CS55M requires neither compressed air nor electricity.
• No dust
Moulding waste is solid, requiring no vacuum dust extraction system.
• Built-in waste chute
makes it clean and easy for waste collection and removal.
• Protective acrylic safety guards
On both, the fences and the cutting head, to minimize blade exposure to the
operator, but still allow complete visibility.
• Locator support pins for blades
Changing the blades for sharpening is safer and quicker now that Cassese has
introduced support pins which hold the blades in location while you are attaching or
removing them.
• Anti-slip rubber grip foot pedal
to prevent dangerous mistakes from slipping and loss of balance

Производител / Вносител CASSESE Sarl

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