User-friendly touch screen - tells the operator all information required to store or retrieve any moulding profile and/or frame size,
minimising mistakes and wastage.
Fast setup time - The Smart Stop can be easily programmed to cut either a small photo frame or a large mirror frame in a few
Memorize your mouldings - The Smart Stop can be programmed to memorize the cutting process for up to 800 different
moulding profiles. Just enter the profile number, and the frame size, and the Smart Stop instantly adjusts its measuring stop to the
exact dimension, ready to cut.
Memorize your frame sizes - The Smart Stop can also be programmed to memorize the dimensions of up to 80 different frame sizes.
You can set this up for all your standard frame sizes.
Automatic width measurer - This instantly measures the rebate width of the moulding about to be cut, so that the cutting stop can
adjust itself automatically to the correct dimension required. It avoids any mistake of measurement and is much quicker than any
manual adjustment. Ideal for Chop Service.
Odometer / chop counter - shows the total cuts made, and can be reset for use as a chop counter for big production jobs.
Flexible - the operator can change between short and long sizes accurately, at any time, at the touch of a button.
Minimise operator mistakes - Because of its memory and clear information readout on the touchscreen, operator error is reduced to
nil, saving waste, time and money.
Multi-Lingual - The Smart Stop can operate in 4 different languages - English, French, German & Spanish.
! Bar code scanning system, including barcode editing software - for managing your moulding profile database.
! Connection to PC
! Bigger measure capacity on request
Cassese QuickStop : same features than SmartStop but without the Automatic Width Measurer

Производител / Вносител CASSESE Sarl

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