Automatic robot for stretch wrapping

Automatic robot for stretch wrapping
The new ROBOT S6, wrapping machines, positions Robopac as the best partner for all manufacturers who require maximum warehouse logistics and management. Robot S6 demonstrates its leadership due to the new technical innovation for simplifying its use. ROBOT S6 is designed and produced according to the policies that distinguish Robopac in terms of reliability and durability. Every single detail was designed selecting the best materials on the market. No detail was left behind and the hi-tech solutions and craftsmanship can be seen in each inch  of the machine.
To meet the growing demand for packaging customisation and optimisation regarding specific product features, Robopac is introducing MULTILEVEL CONTROL for the first time, the innovative hardware and software solution installed on all Robot S6 models.
Spool carriage with electromagnetic brake on return roller. Stretch tension adjustable from control panel. Brake coupling after cycle start for easy film hooking to pallet base. The electromagnetic dust brake ensure an high-precision control of the braking torque and don’t emit any polluting material.
Spool carriage with mechanical brake on return roller: constant stretch of the film independently of the diameter of the spool. Brake engagement/release device to facilitate hooking the film to the base of the pallet. Auxiliary metal rolls ensure an higher contact surface between film and return roller.
Carriage with double pre-stretching system that can be activated from control panel. The carriage is fitted with a pre-stretching system fixed at 250%. By activating the “Stretch control”, the carriage can automatically switch to activate the stretch variable of electromagnetic clutch positioned on the first roll of stretch. 
Spool carriage with powered stretch system controlled by two independent motors. Stretch ratio adjustable from panel board from 0% up to 400%. Force to the load controlled by patented electronic device and adjustable from panel board.

Rotation speed m/min 35-80 35-80 35-80 35-80
Pallets for single battery charge 250 250 250 250
Minimum dimensions/ mm 800х800 800х800 800х800 800х800
Maximum useful height/ mm 2200 2200 2200 2200
Minimum load weight/ kg 250 200 100 100
Film thickness/ micr 17-35 17-35 17-35 17-35
Max spool weight/ kg 20 20 20 20





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