Semi-automatic sealer machine with side drive belts GEM 52

Semi-automatic sealer machine with side drive belts GEM 52

GEM 52 - Semiautomatic carton sealer with autoadhesive tape for the top and bottom sealing of American-type boxes, for uniform carton size batches, manual dimensioning. The adjustments are fast and easy, also allowing its use by non-specialist operators. The machine, if combined with infeed and outfeed conveyors, represents a simple, fast and economical packaging station.

Main machine structure in bent, bolted and painted sheet steel. The boxes are fed by means of 2 bottom side drive belts driven by a single motor. The regulations for the various formats are carried out by means of hand-wheels.

  • Standard taping heads : T22 or T23 for adhesive tape with width 50mm
  • Supports: fixed
  • Box size: L from 150 mm upwards W from 100 to 520 mm H from 100 to 520 mm





Production rate up to 1000 boxes an hour
Box transfer speed 22 metres a minute
Electrical power supply three-phase / single-phase
Temperature of use from + 5°C to + 35°C
Electrical protection IP 54
Installed power 0,25 kW
Overall plan dimensions 1170 x 895 mm
Work surface height 650 mm
Weight 144 kg


Manufacturer / Importer Comarme s.r.l.

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