F2000 automatic carton erecting machine

F2000 automatic carton erecting machine

The F 2000 is a carton erecting machine which automatically prepares the boxes with the four bottom flaps folded, taking them from the side magazine. Once the carton is formed it is sent to the filling line after automatic taping of the bottom. Carton erecting is perfectly carried out even with light cardboard thanks to a patented device. Any interference from the flaps during folding is completely eliminated. The reduced dimensions of the F2000 allow it to be incorporated in existing lines or installed in a limited space.

Box dimensions: lenght: 220-600, width: 100-500mm, height: 100-500mm.


Machine Characteristics

Product capacity (format depends)

900 boxes /hour

Box loader unit capacity

Installed power:

1 KW 

Pressure required:

6 bar 


490 kg



Manufacturer / Importer Comarme s.r.l.

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