Packaging system - NewAir I.B. Express

Packaging system - NewAir I.B. Express

The NewAir I.B.® Express inflatable cushioning system quickly produces Barrier Bubble® material at 55 ft. per minute in 12" and 24" film widths - fast enough to keep up with the most demanding packaging operations. How does it do that?

Versatile - Small footprint and variety of batching, delivery and converting options fit almost any packaging environment
Save Valuable Floor Space - Fits on a tabletop or can be mounted on a table-side stand. A single film roll can produce 5000 square feet of 1/2 inch Barrier Bubble® material, creating on-demand packaging and avoiding storage of bulky material
Responsible Packaging - Material is lightweight and inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space to ship conventional packaging materials and reduces the transportation impact.
Sizes Offered - Available in two different film widths, 12" and 24", and a variety of standard and premium film strength options

Manufacturer / Importer Sealed Air

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