Strap machine iQ 400

Strap machine iQ 400

Introducing iQ-400, Strapack's new semi-automatic strapping machine with dual tension mode.
This allows for a wide variety of applications with just a flick of a switch.

- The iQ-400 is a durable and heavy-duty strapping machine designed to withstand various harsh environments.
- The iQ-400 is yet amazingly quiet to operate and well suited for office use also.
- The iQ-400 has less moving parts, which makes it easy to maintain and keeps the operation cost low.
- All electric parts are arranged in one side of the machine, enclosed in the cabinet, for easy maintenance and protection of crucial parts.
- The iQ-400 runs strap from 5 to 15.5 millimeters without additional parts.
- The torque tension mode is suitable for stronger tension or to strap compressible packages, while the stroke tension mode is best for soft tension or quick operation.
- Tool-free access to frequently accessed areas for easy maintenance.
- Hinged tables are easy to remove for daily maintenance.
- Adjustable legs are available upon request. With this option, table height can be adjusted from 775.5 up to 925.5mm.
- To make the machine more robust, side and rear panels between the legs are available upon request.


Manufacturer / Importer Strapack NV/SA

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